The Generative Art Portfolio of Donovan Harshbarger

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Instagram: @donovan_h_art

About My Art

Like most generative artists, I create my art by writing computer programs. I usually write a new program every few weeks, spending most of my time wresting more and more interesting variations from each program. By the time a program is mature, I’ve typically included about twenty random parameters, allowing the same program to produce strikingly divergent artworks.

Though some artists find it strange to cede any control over one’s work to a random process, I find it to be one of the most interesting parts of being a generative artist. I love that I get to experience my art as both artist and audience, often surprised by the emotions and associations each piece evokes.

The works in this portfolio serve many purposes. Some pieces are intended to be hung as prints, while others are designed for products such as phone cases, pillows, t-shirts, or leggings. I’ve also created some designs as repeating patterns to be used on textiles or wallpaper.